Car Care Tip #23: Keep wiper blades clean between car washes by wiping the rubber sleeves down with a clean, paper towel soaked in white vinegar/water solution. (Notice the road dirt-grime residual after the first swipe?)

​Mullinax Lincoln Automotive

550 1st St NW

Cleveland, TN

(423) 476-6501


Libby's Auto & Diesel

8122 Lewisburg Hwy

Cornersville, TN

(833) 224-9500


Fairview Transmission

2284 Fairview Blvd

Fairview, TN

(615) 799-5900


Hub City Tire

300 S Royal St

Jackson, TN 38301



Allen's Rebuilt Transmissions

1238 Fine St

Newport, TN

(423) 415-4017


Jarnagin Motor

7405 Rutledge Pike

Rutledge, TN